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Safety Services & Solutions

Safety Consulting Services

At Valericela, we use a homegrown and proprietary process for identifying, planning, tracking, and managing the needs of our clients and tailor our solutions to their specific needs. Through this approach, we become an extension of their internal efforts.

Safety Staffing Services

When you contract for a Valericela Safety Professional, you get more than just a safety professional, you get an entire "Safety Management Team" and "Safety Management System". Our highly trained safety professionals have access to our "Elite Safety Management Team 24/7" to assist them in their time of need.

Custom Safety Manuals

A Valericela Custom Safety Manuals will help your company meet the requirements of State, Federal, and Provincial safety regulators, (including OSHA and MSHA) that require you to have health and safety policies tailored to the hazards of your workplace. Whether you need a corporate manual or site specific plan, Valericela can deliver the plan you need, "Fast & Affordable"

Toolbox Topics

Valericela has created "Toolbox Topics" to be use Safety Toolbox Talks that are are designed to reinforce safety training and information on a particular topic that are great for safety meetings / trainings that help strengthen the safety training of your people as well as helping to minimize the chance for mistakes.

Safety Training


Classroom Training

On-Site Training

Blended Learning

Valericela brings significant industry expertise and a cross-functional perspective to our clients. Our teams have years of experience in a wide variety of fields that include: Construction, MSHA, Oil/Gas, Turnarounds, Tailings Ponds, Landfills, Demolition, Steel Erection, Piping, Mechanical, Heavy Civil, Electrical, Cranes, LNG Plants, Remediation, Chemical Plants, DOT, Coal Combustible Residuals (CCR) and more.

Additional Products & Services From Valericela

Our programs have been created by experienced Health & Safety Professionals with real life experiences. Your learning is not limited to focusing on regulations, but how to apply the regulations and develop strategies, communication and leadership skills. Valericela will prepare you better than any traditional university or college programs, at a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost that arm you with the skills you need to immediately be an effective Health & Safety Professional.
Pre-Qualification is a must in todays business world for companies wishing to secure premium construction contracts. Many Owner Clients and Hiring Clients have implemented prequalification services for the contractors and subcontractors they hire to help reduce incidents and lawsuits.
Valericela's online assessment tool 'The EDGE' is a great pre-hire tool that measures the fit between a job and a candidate for any type of business. The EDGE has a bank of assessments for nearly every type of business with every type of task in an OSHA and MSHA environment.
Valericela offers the most comprehensive training programs available today. Our programs have been created by true HSE (Safety) Professionals with years of experience at nearly all levels of safety in a variety of industries in OSHA and MSHA environments. Formats include: Powerpoints, Videos, Written Programs, On-site, Classroom, Virtual Classes.

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